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What if the Internet Goes Down?

networkrAndy Jensen of the web based dental management system Curve Dental answers the question:

What happens if the Internet goes down?

First, how often does this happen? I live in a somewhat suburban-rural area. They still drive cattle up the canyon next to my home every spring. (On that day my car is the one with manure splashed on the side.) I can’t remember the last time my Internet went down. If things are different in your neck of the woods, then look for an alternative provider. If there’s little to no other options, then I’ve got nothing for you. But, for the vast majority of the country, spotty Internet service is becoming increasingly less of an issue.

Second, if your Internet goes down trucks are rolling to fix the problem. It’s not just your business that is down, but a lot of businesses are down and you can bet people are scrambling to resume service. Internet is like a utility and lots of dollars are spent to keep it up and running. But again, chances are that your Internet rarely goes down–I wonder if your server crashes more often.

And consider this: When your server goes down the only person who cares is you! Trucks are NOT rolling to fix the problem. Your IT pro will surely do their best to get to your practice when they can.

Third, if your Internet goes down you can turn to a hotspot solution to get you through until service is restored. Talk to your IT pro about redundant Internet service plans.

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