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What Makes a “Good” Dental Website?

building_a_website_imageWe are still learning what a “good” dental web site should look like and how it should function. I believe we spend far too much time and money on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) hoping to snag a random surfer and not nearly enough time on creating a site that spurs a visitor to action or just as importantly has enough value that he/she returns to the site on a regular basis.

If your practice web site has the sole function of attracting new patients then every patient needs to visit it once, and only once, in his/her lifetime.

A dental website should have three functions:

  • Attract new patients.
  • Manage your online presence.
  • Support existing patients.

A great example of a system to support existing patients is payment for services.

First make it easy for them to afford your work by offering CareCredit (or something similar I just like CraeCredit the best) and include a link from your web page to the CareCredit page where they can apply for credit.

Second if they owe you money then make it easy for them to pay. Add online bill pay to your site.  That means every patient with a balance has a reason to come to the site, not just new patients. And they will come. 80% of patients are comfortable paying online and most pay within two days of receiving the bill.

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