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When You Search Google, Only 13% of the Screen Has Real Results

Thanks for the heads up from my friends at Sesame Communications:

He estimated only 13% of the screen actually showed organic search results. The focus was on the initial top of the screen that displays without scrolling, which is sometimes called “above the fold” in design. Harris wrote that the rest of his 13-inch MacBook Air screen was taken up by Google products: 29% was Adwords, 14% was the navigation bar and 7% was a Google Map with local results

via When You Search Google, Only 13% of the Screen Has Real Results.

Here is what I found doing a basic search for the word “dentist” in my area of Phoenix:


This is essentially the same as the author of the linked article from Mashable discovered. I estimated 14% of the space was “organic” results. Of the rest 45% was Pay Per Click (PPC) AdWords (15 + 30), 18% Map and Places results (9+9) and the navigation banner was 23%.

Dentists and other business owners are constantly urged to invest in SEO, (Search Engine Optimization) in order to show up high in the organic results. However as you see the organic results are becoming less and less prominent as Google evolves.

As is often the case if you look at the three organic results that made it above the fold none are an actual dentist. They are all directories.

There are three lessons for dentists.

  • Do not rely on SEO to get you to the top of a search.
  • Claim your Google+ Place and add relevant content.
  • The only way to insure you are on page one above the fold is to buy it. PPC


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