Who Owns Your Website? : dentalblogs.com

by Larry Emmott on May 7, 2008

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Your development company may offer to purchase your domain name for you. As long as the domain is registered to you, and not to your development company, you will own your domain. However, some development companies register their clients’ domains as their own. This means that once your site is up and running, if you decide to move to another company for hosting and a redesign, you might have to purchase your domain name at a hefty price – or lose it. Giving up a good domain (one that has your name, practice name, or city in it, for instance), or a domain that has been up and running for years, can negatively impact your site’s popularity on the search engines. When you put your site on a new domain, it’s like starting all over. You lose the benefit of longevity (the longer a site is up, the better it looks to search engine spiders) and links (directories, individuals, and organizations may link to your domain from their sites).

Who Owns Your Website? : dentalblogs.com.

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