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Why are some dental websites more effective than others?

From DentistryIQ:

The most important aspect of a good a dental website is quality content. The content should directly connect with potential patients, providing them with valuable information. Sloppy content reflects badly on the image of a dental office, and will invariably result in visitors quickly losing interest and looking elsewhere for the information they want.

….The most important technique in off-page SEO is link-building. Getting links to your site from authority sources tells search engines that you have good content on your website. It is also important not to get spammy or “toxic” links from non-related or relevant sites.

Source: Why are some dental websites more effective than others? – DentistryIQ

Another good resource with some valid points regarding website development. However once again the whole article focuses on SEO and new patients. I believe it is equally important to provide service for existing patients. Your website should not be a once in a lifetime experience. Related.

Every good up to date dental website should provide at least these three online services for existing patients.

  • Online forms. (That is true synched forms not just a PDF.)
  • Online bill pay
  • Online scheduling

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