Why Have a Practice Web Page?

by Larry Emmott on May 3, 2010

in Digital Marketing,Internet

Web pages are not just about attracting new patients.

Even more important is a major trend toward using web pages for a lot more than basic contact information. For example; recently I was having trouble setting up a new feature on my cell phone. I could have tried to find the owners manual. I could have taken it into the store where I bought it. I could have asked a friend how to do it. I could have phoned an 800 number and waited on hold. I could have done many things to solve my problem. However what I did do was go to the Internet.

I googled the companies web page, I located my phone model and opened up complete instructions on how to take care of my problem. In just a few minutes it was done. While I was on the web page, I could have chosen several new ring tones, ordered some accessories or checked my account balance.

A practice web page is not just an electronic yellow pages ad. A web page should provide service for existing customers as well as attracting new patients.

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