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hateyelpyelp-logoAn interesting look at YELP:

All of which leads me to believe that this is Yelp’s purgatory where they hide reviews based on corporate pressure.  They have gotten a lot of cr*p publicly about deleting bad reviews from sponsors and from corporations that pressure them to do so. They have a zillion self-righteous FAQ’s asserting that they don’t delete anything.   So imagine Applied Underwriters sends Yelp loads of threats to take down each negative review that comes up.  What do they do?  They put them in the not-recommended purgatory.

via Coyote Blog | Dispatches from District 48.

The linked blog article takes a critical look at YELP that is the exact opposite of the complaints I hear from dentists and other small business people.

Dentists complain that YELP filters and hides good reviews.  The YELP sales people will then contact the dentist and offer to help them control their reviews if the sign a YELP contract. YELP vehemently denies that they filter reviews in order to generate business or that an ad contract with YELP will improve reviews. Never the less these kinds of complaints are common.

The linked article implies that YELP will filter and hide bad reviews if the company is large enough to give YELP legal grief. Again YELP denies this.

YELP is extremely secretive regarding their filtering algorithm. This complete lack of transparency and the appearance of impropriety seem to be behind many dentists very negative experiences with YELP.

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