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Young adults prefer online health information

From Reuters:

Young adults may be more likely than older folks to go online to find health information, and less likely to view tobacco products as “very harmful,” according to survey results compiled to inform U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Source: Young adults see less harm in tobacco products, prefer online health information – Reuters

The interesting, however not unexpected, result of the survey is that younger people rely more on the internet for health information than older people. The authors get all wadded up because younger people do not view tobacco to be as dangerous as older people do. They suggest we need to be more persuasive online to get those youngins in line. Maybe.

I believe the more interesting conclusion is that if dentists wish to influence younger adults we need to have a good, professional, up to date online presence. At a minimum we need a modern web-page that supports existing patients providing dental health information in a quick easy to understand format.

A winning strategy would be to discover which dental search terms are most common in your area and then design a SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaign to capture those searchers.

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