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Your Google My Business Profile Can be Great for SEO

From  Sesame Communications:

First and foremost, ensure that your Google My Business profile is claimed and verified. The verification process tells Google that you are a legitimate business at the correct location(s). Next, make sure that your core business information is correct. Have you changed hours recently or changed office locations? Double-check that this information is current. If Google can’t connect an address that is listed on your website with the one on your Google My Business profile, they will penalize you when it comes to organic search rankings.

Source: Your Google My Business Profile Can be Great for SEO – Dental Marketing & Practice Management | Sesame Communications

I believe that your Google my Business profile is the single most important thing a dentist you can do to improve your online profile and get new patients in the office. The attached article gives a good overview but does not provide much in the way of how to. You can do it yourself and with the pandemic shutdown you have the time. No excuses.

On the other hand there are some complicating factors. For example you want a profile for both your practice name and your actual name. The vast majority of referrals are to the doctor not to the practice. People tell their friends you have to see Dr. Wright she is the best. They do not say you have to go to Elm Street Dental they are the best. Your web site developer should be able to help if needed. Sesame Communications can help as well as my friends at TNT Dental.