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Your Online Reputation is the Key

google-local-1360242551In case you missed it: Dentalcompare from Sept 2012.

Google yourself.

What do you see? Are you happy with it?

Like it or not this is the way most of the public will know about you. Existing patients are likely to Google you just to get your phone number. Most prospective new patients will Google you. Even those with a great personal referral will Google you just to get your phone number and address.

via Emmott On Technology: Today Your Online Reputation is the Key to Making a First Impression |

Since this article was written Google, especially Google+ has become even more important.  The first page of a Google search for the word “dentist” in a typical US city now has only around 12% of the results as “organic” results based on key words and the famous “Page Rank” algorithm. Over half is paid ads and the rest usually about one third of the page is Google+.

An even more important search word is your name. Having a good web page and a good Google+ page will help you control what people see when they search you by name. Otherwise it will be left to chance.

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