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10 Surprising Things Technology Will Make Obsolete by 2025


Technological progress constantly renders once-familiar things moot. When was the last time you purchased software on a disc, bought a CD in a store, sent a fax to a co-worker, or even asked for driving directions? In 2005, you probably did a lot of those things and might have just assumed you always would…

Check out our list of 10 common things that might be gone by 2025.

Source: 10 Surprising Things Technology Will Make Obsolete by 2025 |

Predicting the future is always fun but rarely accurate. Rather than trying to imagine the next big thing that barely exists today it is often easier, and more accurate, to predict what we won’t be doing in the future. The linked article has ten items in everyday use that will likely disappear in the next ten years.

We can use this same approach to try and predict the directions we should go with our dental practices. That is, not to try and hit the newest things but to eliminate the soon to be out of date. Here is an example.

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