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Bad Boy Becomes Reluctant Dentist

400000000000000033324_s4Interesting well written article in DrBicuspid:

In 1896, Grey graduated from Penn’s dental school at age 23. He continued to play baseball after his graduation, hoping to be drafted by a professional team. He practiced dentistry, but only part time as he pursued his dream of becoming a major league player. One of Grey’s biographers, Frank Gruber, claimed, “Grey was making more money at this time from baseball than dentistry.”…

The two were married in 1906, and with her trust and editing skills, Grey was able to quit dentistry and concentrate on his writing…

via Dental Clinical, Business, and Technology News.

One of the world’s most famous dentists. Of course he did not become famous for being a dentist. Zane Grey spent a fair amount of time in Arizona, my state. As did another possibly even more famous dentist. Like Zane Grey this character became famous for exploits outside the dental office. Doc Holliday. Is there anyone who is famous for being a dentist?


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