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Blood, Sweat and Teeth

HockeyGlassNo other sport has a job quite like a dentist in the NHL. In some games, these dentists simply sit and watch, usually using season tickets provided by the team, waiting for a problem that never happens. In other games, they leave those seats and jump right into medical emergencies the likes of which they would never see anywhere else.

via Blood, Sweat and Teeth: Wild Nights with an NHL Dentist | Bleacher Report.

I worked as the team dentist for 24 years in both the major and minor leagues. In some ways the minors were more fun. The players were hungry. There also seemed to be more facial injuries. I am not sure if that was because they were less skilled or more aggressive. It was also before the widespread use of face shields and mouth guards.

The competitive nature of the players is amazing; most would rather lose a tooth than miss a period of play.

Contrary to popular perception few dental injuries were the result of fights. Fists and elbows will do some damage but the worst injuries were from sticks and worst of all from high speed pucks.

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