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Dental News for April 1, 2011

After 147 years someone at the Chicago dental society noticed the weather during the midwinter meeting was always atrocious. CDS spokesman Rahm Edental said, “What were we thinking?” Starting in 2012 the Chicago meeting will be renamed the midspring and take place during a time of year when people might…you know…actually want to be in Chicago.

Care Credit a subsidiary of GE was asked by the federal government to provide funds for a future federal dental assistance program. Care Credit refused the loan after an online check of the Federal Governments Credit Rating.

Today Delta Dental announced enhanced full coverage for implants, non-metal bonded restorations, and laser therapy.  In addition the Delta spokesman said , “Starting immediately we will process all claims electronically and transfer the funds to the dental office the same day the claim is submitted.”

The ADA announced that effective immediately all Association publications including the Journal and the weekly news will be available in digital format only. ADA spokesman Jess Kidling said, “Any members who insist on paper publications are obviously sooo then, they are just too out of it for us to care about.”

Henry Schein announced today that they will be moving all Dentrix operations to a small Caribbean island, American Spoon . The island is without Internet or phone access. Dentrix officials were enthusiastic about this as it would cut down on those pesky support calls.

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