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News for April 1, 2015

Today, April 1, Google announced that it is changing its motto from “Don’t be Evil” to “Whatever”.


Smelta the nation’s leading dental insurance company has announced real time claims. Starting April 21, 2015 all dental claims will be paid via electronic funds transfer before the end of the business day in which the dental e-claim is received.


Despite a reputation for helping people with health care funding whenever possible, Care Credit was forced to deny a loan application from Health and Human Services based on the Feds most recent FICO score.


A woman in Cleveland, OH was reported to have sat in the dental chair and said, “I don’t care what my insurance covers I just want the best care, whatever you recommend is fine with me” Her dentist, who asked to remain anonymous, would neither confirm nor deny the incident.


Research confirms that people who seek dental care are vastly more likely to have dental fillings than people who never see a dentist. Based on these finding the International Association of Homeopats recommended people avoid the dentist at all costs in order to prevent fillings.


Dr. Harrison Clements of New York (who is rumored to have been Hillary Clinton’s former dentist) was fined $27,650 by government regulators for using a poorly secured private e-mail system that may have exposed patient data to Russian Hackers. State Department officials could not be reached for comment.

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