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Dental Tech Predictions for 2015

crystal-ball-psychic-readings-2These are not really predictions they are more like wishes or what ifs – hopes for the future -like peace on earth or ending the menace of periodontal disease forever.

Insurers and various other dental industry types will stop referring to us as providers. Provider is a degrading term coined by insurance companies. It is demeaning and has the clear intent of lowering the status of medical professionals in the eyes of the public and putting us all in a box where we can be classified and priced as a commodity. If anyone in the business calls you a provider gently remind them you are not a provider you are a professional. Then slap them.

Using film x-rays will become the social equivalent of smoking in public. Sure some people still do it but they are made to feel that they are low status and unclean. Film developing chemicals are stinky and who knows they might even cause second hand cancer. However for a dental office to stop using film they first have to really want to change.

Dental insurance companies will start to use online systems to accept dental claims, review them and transfer payments to the dental office account instantly…it could happen.

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