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George Jetson Gets A Check-Up

From Paleofuture part of the Smithsonian:

George goes to the doctor for an insurance physical and gets some bad news. George swallows a Peek-A-Boo Prober Capsule which travels around the inside of his body showing the doctor (in a rather humorous way, of course) how George’s various organs are holding up. “You just swallow it and it transmits pictures to a TV screen,” the doctor explains.

Jetsons peekaboo

via George Jetson Gets A Check-Up | Paleofuture.

To celebrate their 50th anniversary, Matt Novak of the Paleofuture Blog (now part of the Smithsonian Website) breaks down every episode of the first season of the Jetsons, with an emphasis on how the series reflected the technology of the early 1960s, and in some cases, influenced the technology of today.

The episode featured above involves a visit to the physician and the use of a diagnostic device that is surprisingly close to our present reality. High tech diagnostics are just beginning to enter the field and will be “The next big thing” in digital medicine and dentistry.

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