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Smartybrush – Innovative New Gadgets for Smart Homes

Smartybrush forms a personal timetable for the person to brush their teeth. It provides periodic recommendations on how to take care of oral health. The cleaning, movements, pressing force and frequency of brushing can all be set.

In addition, it is integrated with an ultrasonic sensor which evaluates the quality and condition of the teeth. Furthermore, if the brush senses any improper brushing, the indicator will change color. Extra details will be available for the user via a special smartphone applicat

Source: From Toothbrushes to Refrigerators: Innovative New Gadgets for Smart Homes

The linked article includes examples of many other “smart” devices. Interesting – and this is just the beginning. Future “smart” toothbrushes will not only monitor when and how you brush they will check for changes in oral chemistry that could indicate disease.

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