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The cost of the Internet

I pay about $63 a month for Internet service. (If you are wondering why I pay so much when there are ads everywhere touting Internet for $19.95 the answer is that my connection speed is something like twenty times faster :-)) My hardware that is the computer network and modem cost me around $2000 and if I can use it for 48 months that amortizes to $41 a month. So my total cost of using the Internet is $104 a month.

I am online a lot. In fact way too much. I estimate that I am online at least six hours a day. That adds up to almost 183 hours a month. Therefore my Internet cost per hour is 57 cents.

However if I was more reasonable and was online half as much as I am now, three hours a day, my per hour cost jumps to $1.14.

It is obvious from this analysis that I am completely justified using the Internet at such a rate and in fact if I wanted to really save some money I should use it even more.

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