The Future is not what is used to be

by Larry Emmott on May 16, 2016

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In some cases, the pessimists insist that an older technology is superior to a new one. Some, for example, claimed that an abacus is superior to a computer and a pocket calculator, while others claimed that horses are longer-lasting than the dangerous “automobile terror.”

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It seems humans are predisposed to techno pessimism. Despite an almost constant improvement in the human condition coupled with the undeniable fact that modern life is infinitely better than anytime in the past people are constantly complaining and wishing to return to some idyllic golden age while predicting doom from our newest technology.

This tendency is what leads them to believe that digital impressions are not as good as PVS and that paper charts are superior to electronic records. It is also why we had to do a gold foil restoration in dental school forty years after it had become obsolete.

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