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100 Tips from DentistryIQ

dentistryiq One Hundred Tips in one hundred words or less from DentistryIQ

Here is my tip from the marketing section:


Google yourself you’ll find three possibilities:

  • Nothing: This is unlikely. Google is interested in you even if you are not interested in Google. If nothing comes up on a search, essentially you do not exist in the modern world.
  • Something bad: The Internet is overrun with customer review sites, and dentists are a favorite target. If you do not control what is said about you online, others will.
  • A link to your web page: This is the only result that is good. However, Google won’t link to your page if you don’t have one. Even if you have a page, Google won’t link to it if it is out of date and never used.

-Dr. Larry Emmott, Emmott on Technology


Here is another I like:

If you have a website for your dental practice, there’s only one main goal you want to achieve, and that’s to get the visitor to call your office – nothing more, nothing less. One of the biggest mistakes I see with dental websites is no call to action. If you don’t tell the visitor what you want them to do, they won’t do anything. Make sure to have a call to action at the bottom of every page of your website, even your “about” page. Write, “Call us today for a complimentary consultation” with your phone number included.
-Mike Pedersen, Internet Marketing Strategist for Dentists


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