282% More Dentistry

I have been a big fan of Care Credit for many years. It has always seemed obvious to me that if a patient had credit available he or she would select better dentistry. That “obvious” assumption has been validated with a study from the ADCPA (Academy of Dental CPAs).

The study demonstrated that patients with a Care Credit account not only get more dentistry done they get a lot more dentistry and they continue to have more and better care for years.

Here are the key findings; households with a Care Credit account were compared to similar households without Care Credit.

In the first year after an account is opened, households with an account:

  • Made 62% more dental appointments
  • And had 282% more dentistry done (By dollar value)

That is expected however the amount of the increase is a lot more than I would have guessed. Increases in the first year make sense but here is the finding I did not expect; five years after the account is opened households with Care Credit:

  • Made 25% more dental appointments
  • And accepted 44% more dentistry.

Details here:

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