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5 Futuristic Technologies That Could Change Small Business

From OPEN Forum:

With access to concepts such as interactive holographic computers and 3D printing, small-business owners can take advantage of futuristic technologies that were merely fantasy just a few short years ago.

Source: 5 Futuristic Technologies That Could Change Small Business | OPEN Forum

All five will play a role in the future dental office. The most obvious is 3D printing.  This rapidly evolving technology will not only replace our current fabrication methods but will revolutionize them as we substitute biologic materials for metal and plastic. The future tooth replacement will not be an acrylic tooth resting on a metal frame but it will be an organic tooth printed from cells laid on a collagen framework.

Holographic Telepresence could mean long distance diagnosis and treatment.

Big data will revolutionize both diagnosis and treatment.

And even the sharing economy represented by Uber could lead to an app like “Open Table”, we’ll call it Open Chair that could connect people looking for treatment to dentists looking to fill a chair.

The future is coming and it will be amazing!

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