50 Things You Didn’t Know Dentrix Could Do!

by Larry Emmott on October 30, 2017

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Are you using the full power of Dentrix® to simplify your life?Why not? In just a few hours, you can learn 50 tips and tricks that smart practices use to simplify work that is currently wasting your time.

Source: Seminar With Great Insight to Dentrix Software | Dentrix

Training, Training, Training

I consistently run into dentists or dental team members who wish Dentrix could do some task, say “refob the misanger”. I say “Dentrix can refob the misanger”. “Really! Since when?” They ask. “Oh, since the update in 2007” I tell them.

Almost without exception dental offices will benefit from additional technology training. Training can and should be tailored to the office and the individual. For example dental hygienists do not need to master insurance claims however they do need to master perio charting, radiographs and re-call.

PLUS the dentist needs to know how to use Dentrix. The dentist is the office leader. However the dentist cannot lead if he/she does not know where they are going.

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