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6 trends in dentistry to expect in 2019

From Becker’s Dental Review:

2. 3D printing: While this technology has been around for years, it will become more dominate in 2019.

3. More competition online: Dentists can expect to see competitors using advertisement on social media and other platforms to attract new customers.

4. Continued rise of review sites: Now more than ever patients are using online review boards to express their praise or criticism for an experience at the dentist’s office. This will be how new patients get referrals.

Source: 6 trends in dentistry to expect in 2019

I picked three of the six. #2, I agree that 3D printing will be the dominate form of dental fabrication in the future. It will make significant progress in 2019. However it will still be several years before 3D printing replaces milling for every day restorations.

#4, Online reviews are already powerful. However I believe that most people (the research says around 2/3) still want a personal referral. They will then use online reviews to confirm the referral.