6 Types of Problem Employees You Never Want to Hire

From Amex Open Forum:

Most businesses have come across a toxic hire or two, and these employees probably cost you more than you know.

The six types listed are:

1. The Self-Crowned King of Ethics

These employees are also called “the tattletale”

2. The Baby

These types of workers are insecure and will go to extreme lengths to hide their shortcomings.

3. The “Yes” Man

This is the employee who thinks that everything—every idea, every existing process, every new suggestion—is brilliant.

4. The Joy Sponge

The joy sponges are those employees who feel they need to always be the center of attention and make sure that no one is happier than they are.

5. The Know-It-All

We all know these types: They refuse to listen to anyone else’s opinions or ideas because they always believe their ideas are the best.

6. The One Who Won’t Change

If an employee can’t change after a negative habit or behavior has been brought to their attention, let

via 6 Types of Problem Employees You Never Want to Hire | OPEN Forum.

Read the whole thing for added detail and advice on how to fix it. Personally I put up with far too many toxic employees. I hate firing people and looking back I should have let some people go that I did not. Not only did it degrade the practice the good employees suffered because of my reluctance to take action.

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