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7 Patient Communication Hacks for the Digital Dental Office

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From Naomi Cooper at the Sesame Communications Blog:

7 Patient Communication Hacks for the Digital Dental Office Patient communication is the core of every successful dental practice. Today, most practice management systems come standard with basic patient communication functionality.

Source: 7 Patient Communication Hacks for the Digital Dental Office | Dental Marketing & Practice Management| Sesame CommunicationsDental Marketing & Practice Management| Sesame Communications

These seven “hacks” all represent digital workflow. Once we have digital records and Internet access we can do business differently and it fundamentally changes the workflow of the office. Omer Reed famously called this “Front Desklessness”. Digital workflow does not eliminate the front desk but it sure does change the way we do business.

For example online bill pay:

The old way: The office sends a paper statement. Several days (or weeks) later the patient writes a check and mails it. Several more days later a staff person opens the mail, enters the amount and other data into the ledger. He/she then creates a deposit slip at day’s end and trudges off to the bank to make a deposit. The next day (maybe) the money is in the dentist’s account.

The new way: The patient receives an e-statement with a payment link, clicks the link taking them to a secure online payment portal. The patient makes the payment and the money is transferred to the dentist’s account that instant.

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