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Action Run Wins Pride Award

Congratulations to ActionRun for being chosen as a “Best of Class Winner” in the Pride Institute 2013 Technology Awards. Stop by the exhibit area at the ADA meeting in New Orleans next week.

Action Run is an online e-service that contacts and re-activates non-responsive patients. This is not a new idea, what is new are the tools that ActionRun has developed and applied to this task.

Early attempts to use digital technology to re-activate patients simply automated the tasks we had sought to do with paper records. That is to look up patients who have not been seen in a couple of years and then send them a notice. A slightly more sophisticated application could scan uncompleted treatment plans and send messages to those people which could even include a motivational note.

However, a car is not merely a faster horse. To truly take advantage of the power of digital technology we can apply tools that were just not possible with paper records; tools that essentially mimic the thought processes of a human mind

Here is a really simple example. The computer examines records and discovers a patient who had a root canal completed on a molar but has no record of ever having a final restoration placed on that tooth. The system knows this is a potential problem; with no intervention from a human operator.  The patient is then contacted and advised to return for treatment.

I am working with this company because I believe that they are using sophisticated digital technology in creative ways. For example with Action Run: Data is retrieved from your dental office computer and is analyzed (mined) by a sophisticated system online (in the cloud). Based on over a million transactions a self learning system (artificial intelligence) identifies a patient needing treatment. Based on his/her need the patient is contacted (data base marketing). All your office staff needs to do is answer the phone when the patient calls to schedule (automated e-service)

Two additional items to note: Early users have had amazing success with an ROI of six or seven to one. That is for every dollar they invest in the system they get six dollars in increased production. Second. These kinds of creative systems can be used in many areas; re-activation is just the beginning.

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