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Planning a Return to the Office

Do you have a plan for office work of the future?

Policies about the mix of remote and in-office work have ramifications beyond short term cost and efficiency. Because of what we’ve gone through over the past year, we are about to enter a new era in the evolution of organizations. Decisions that CEOs make over the next few months will set the tone for how work will be done in the future, impacting the relationships employees have formed and their emotional connection with the company. They should be made carefully.

Source: A CEO’s Guide to Planning a Return to the Office

The pandemic has shown us that a great many of the tasks we used to do in the office can be done as well or better remotely. That is either as work from home or outsourced to an online e-service.

Don’t be in a big hurry to get things back to the way they were in February of 2020. Now is a perfect opportunity to redesign the workflow of the office to outsource some work, transfer some tasks to your web page and reassign some tasks to remote work from home options.

For example:

Online bill pay instead of a person answering the phone to take a credit card number or opening an envelope and depositing a check.

Month end billing, reports, and accounting can be done by an administrator working from home.

No paper charts to pull and refile at the end of the day if you use fully digital charts.

Billing, and insurance claims can be done from home or outsourced to an e-service.

No paper re-call cards with postage but use text or e-mail to send reminders electronically. This can be set up and monitored remotely as work from home.

There is more, be creative.