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A Great Website is Useless

A website is useless if it attracts prospective new patients who never make an appointment or accept recommended treatment.

Many dentists are spending considerable time and money on websites, SEO and social media to attract people to the office. But what happens when the patient calls?

If your office is getting calls but finding it hard to turn them into appointments or if you are wondering why your team is spending so much time on the phone answering questions instead of scheduling appointments, you may be wasting all the time and money you have spent to develop a great Internet presence.

Follow this link for some communication and phone skills taught by my friend  and fellow AADPA member Danny Bobrow of AIM Dental Marketing. Be sure to check out TAFI (The Art of First Impressions) a complete training and coaching system.




It is a tired old cliché that you never get a second chance at a first impression. That is certainly true. However there is another side to it we also need to consider. We do get multiple chances to blow it and make a bad impression!

Each of these encounters is a “first impression” of sorts. If the dentist or the staff fails at any step the new patient relationship will suffer or worse yet never get started in the first place.

  • Web Page
  • First Phone Call
  • Arrive at the Office
  • Meet the Dentist

Great technology can only take you so far. In the end, it is still our personal relationships that make the difference.

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