A More Powerful Gear

ClimbFrom the Lioness Katherine Eitel

I glance up ahead and know it will be a long time before I see the top and even longer until I actually feel the relief of cresting it. I’m focused on how hard it is, how much I hate this part of the ride, and how long and far I have to go.

But, once I’ve gotten the first few minutes behind me, something changes. It’s as if I “lock in” to the climb… as if, like my bike, I shift into a higher, more powerful gear.

via Monday Morning Stretch.

I have experienced almost the exact same feeling Katherine describes while mountain biking. If I dwell on the difficulty and the pain of a climb I am defeated before I start and the whole climb is misery. However if I can force myself to embrace the climb, to feel I am being pulled to the top and to revel in the feeling of power flowing through me to the bike and the trail then the climb is a triumph.

It is amazing how powerful our thoughts can be.

We can use that power not just in sports but with our dental teams our businesses and our lives. Expect the best from your staff, see them as champions. When starting a big new project (like installing a new technology system or going paperless) do not dwell on the problems but embrace the climb, feel the power.

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Thank you, Larry! I loved your additional comments and take on the idea. So true for dental teams and life in general. And I LOVE your idea of a joint venture (or ADventure!) Let’s talk soon. Thanks again for thumbs up and the repost. Always such a compliment coming from you.

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