ADA Benefit Plan Analyzer

From the ADA:

ADAThe ADA Benefit Plan Analyzer is a tool meant to help you analyze the financial impact of a payer’s rates to your practice. It is based on information and assumptions provided by you regarding the payer’s reimbursement rates and restrictions as well as your practice’s goals and its financial situation.

via CPS-APP12 – ADA Benefit Plan Analyzer 12 Month.

Thanks for the tip form AzDA:

Features of the Dental Benefit Plan Analyzer include:

•Running analysis models based on actual practice data taken from the dentist`s practice management system. The plan analyzer automatically displays the top 20 procedures based on revenue and the average number of weekly hours they and their hygienists work.
•Saving those results for future review and comparison.
•Analyzing preferred provider organization and dental health maintenance organization benefit plans.
•Configuring variable inputs like practice overhead; time spent by dentists not treating patients; number of estimated new patients; number of restorative operatories; number of hygienist operatories; and the capitated fee being offered by DHMO providers.
•Installing the Sikka Platform Utility on one computer in the office and being able to run the analysis from any other computer or tablet with an Internet connection.
•Reviewing plan score data based on the financial impact of adopting the plan and how the plan`s patients compare against cash-paying patients.
•Viewing a visual indicator plan score for quick analysis.
•Seeing available staff and operatory hours as well as the hours required to handle the estimated new patients.

 One of the great benefits of digital practice data is that it can be analysed to improve business decisions. Dental benefits are very complex and having a system to help us decide on which plans to work with is a much needed service.

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