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ADA, Wonderbox create comprehensive credentialing website

From ADA News:

the ADA announced June 8, the creation of a new, centralized dental credentialing database, which was developed in an effort to help simplify the credentialing process and reduce administrative burdens for dentists.

The new technology, powered by the Wonderbox Technologies Enterprise System, allows member dentists to enter their credentials into a securely designed portal through This information will be available by request to all payers, including insurance companies, federal agencies, hospitals and employers.

Source: ADA, Wonderbox create comprehensive credentialing website

This is great. If it works as described it will provide  needed service that takes advantage of the power of digital technology.

Here is the actual portal to get started.

Credentialing is a tedious and expensive process we all must do and yet we hate to do it. One dentist I know actually lost his license because he simply forgot to send in the paperwork. He got it back,but what a hassle.

Another credentialing option is Santech Solutions.

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