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Adopt vs. adapt

More thoughtful thoughts from Seth Godin. We certainly see this with the adoption of technology in dentistry. I have come to believe the success of new technology in a dental office has far more to do with the mindset of the dentist and staff than the actual technology. Successful early adopters see glitches as minor inconveniences to be quickly overcome. Less successful later adapters see every glitch as an affirmation that change is wrong, they are easily frustrated and always looking for an excuse to go back to the old ways.

An early adopter seeks out new ideas and makes them work.

An adapter, on the other hand, puts up with what he has to, begrudgingly.

One is offense, the other is defense. One requires the spark of curiousity, the other is associated with fear, or at least hassle

via Seth’s Blog: Adopt vs. adapt.

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