Avoid Quality Spirals

More wisdom from Seth Godin:

The productive professional realizes that keeping promises is often enough. Randomly exceeding those promises is magical. But the key is ‘randomly’. Unexpected delight is priceless, and something you can deliver on.

Source: Seth’s Blog

Worth a click to read the whole thing, it definitely applies to dentists.

Godin identifies two spirals. The obvious one to avoid is the low quality spiral where quality diminishes and prices follow. However a high quality spiral can also be a problem. If you must always exceed what you delivered at the last appointment you will eventually flame out.

Most dental patients are content with basic service delivered in a competent professional manner. If you consistently provide that patients will trust you and come back.

On the other hand if you occasionally dazzle them with something special they will talk about you, be more likely to refer and less likely to leave for a cheaper insurance option. It is not really possible to dazzle a patient with quality dentistry. There is simply no way for them to evaluate the seal of the margin or the smoothness of a root surface. What they can evaluate is how you make them feel.

One proven way to stand out and provide a superior patient experience is to use technology.

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