Awesome ROI

The following example comes from a recent Emmott on Technology in office consultation      

    Annual $ Savings

  • Save 15 hours per day from single entry in the back  $  71,250
  • Including charting and pulling charts
  • Save 4 hours per day confirming patients   $  19,000
  • Save mailing costs on 8,000 re-call cards per year  $    8,000
  • Save the cost of creating and mailing 4800 statements $    7,200
  • Re-activate 2 patients a week with reports and contacts $  37,600
  • Capture 3% of treatment not being billed   $  16,200
  • Improve case acceptance with images by 10%  $  54,000
  • Reduce costs by 5%with improved management numbers $  18,900
  • Attract four new patients a month with technology  $  48,000
  • Total Savings per year                $236,950

    Hourly savings are based on a 190 day work year, and a $19/ hr wage plus 30% administrative costs for a total of $25/hr.

    Re-activation savings are based on a 47-week year and $400 of work per patient

    Annual percentage savings are based on a monthly gross of $45,000 with 70% overhead.

    Plus there will be the added benefits of less stress, motivated team members, faster procedures, more accurate notes, less lab re-makes, lower radiation, better patient communications and you will absolutely get referrals because patients will perceive the office as high tech, up to date, modern and worth more than an “average” office.


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