Best and Worst Companies for Customer Service…Where is Dentistry? UPDATE


I received an very interesting email from Per Ahlberg a dentist in Sweden regarding the article below. It seems they do conduct these types of satisfaction surveys in Sweden and dentistry has come out at the top of the list six years in a row.

Here is a link to a translated article.


Very interesting. NOTE the survey is measuring customer service experience not product quality.

Where is dentistry?

Source: Best and Worst Companies for Customer Service

Notice that health plans come in second to last. In my experience many of the negative experiences people report regarding medical treatments relate not to the treatment experience itself but to the arcane and frustrating experience of dealing with insurance.

The chart does not include medical care or dental care. I find most of these kinds of surveys throw dentistry into the larger and rather vague category of “healthcare”. My (highly biased) guess would be that if actual healthcare experiences were rated that hospitals would score low, physicians higher and dentists would score rather high on a customer service satisfaction survey.

Effective use of technology improves customer service.

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