Big Data Builds a Better ‘Help Wanted’ Ad

From  – Bloomberg View:

If you want good applicants to respond to your job posting, write it as if you were talking to actual human beings. Banish “proactive” and “value added.” Change “interface with” to “work with.” Scuttle “synergy.” Replace “the [job title] will” and “the successful candidate will” with “you will.”…

No, this isn’t a bunch of out-of-touch advice from a pointy-headed English major … it isn’t coming from me. It’s coming from big data.

Source: Big Data Builds a Better ‘Help Wanted’ Ad – Bloomberg View

Very interesting and useful. It seems that potential new employees would rather “work with a team of fellow professionals” than “Interface with synergistic stakeholders.”

Finding great dental team members is always a challenge.

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