Boomers Got Teeth

Smiling-man-7-3From Dental Tribune:

Ten thousand baby boomers retire every day in the U.S. And this silver tsunami is only getting bigger. As these individuals age, they are doing so with the greatest number of healthy mouths and teeth ever seen in the elder-care industry.

via Are you ready for the silver tsunami? | Dental Tribune International.

Remember when we were warned that fluoride and prevention would mean the end of dentistry? Not yet. The linked article refers to a silver tsunami, meaning boomers with silver hair. It could also refer to the boomers (like me) who have a mouth full of silver fillings that were placed thirty years ago and need to be replaced.

Not only do they have teeth in record numbers but boomers also have smart phones, e-mail and Facebook accounts. Don’t make the mistake of assuming these people do not want and use technology.

One last thing, they also have the money needed to get good care when it is offered. As opposed to a new family just getting started who often need to watch the budget.

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