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Buffalo Grove dentist seeks more than $4 million in damages over alleged smear campaign

From Cook County Record:

A Buffalo Grove dentist is asking for more than $4 million in damages, claiming a former marketing executive from Des Plaines is using her expertise to engage in an internet smear campaign against him and his endodontics practice.

According to the May 21 Cook County Circuit Court filing, Dr. Robert Goldberg filed the complaint against Mary Katherine Alberti, alleging libel and false light invasion of privacy.

In his suit, Goldberg said that in April of this year, Alberti began to post hundreds of negative online reviews about himself and his practice. He said she pretended to be another patient, falsely accused him of recommending unnecessary treatments and claimed he physically threatened her. Goldberg also said Alberti falsely accused him of hiring someone to break into her home, secretly recorded him in telephone conversations without his permission and falsely stated that he has video cameras throughout his office.

Source: Buffalo Grove dentist seeks more than $4 million in damages over alleged smear campaign | Cook County Record

Hmmm…In the past dentists and others have not done well when attempting legal action against online reviewers.

Stacey Makhnevich

Yvonne Wong 

I wrote the following in 2013, there is no reason to expect anything different today.

Online user reviews have become incredibly powerful. Unfortunately the system as it now stands is  ripe for abuse, inherently corrupt and professionals, especially dentists, are prime targets with virtually no legal protection. As a dental professional your reputation is golden. Anything that damages that reputation can have significant financial, professional and even legal consequences.

If you are the victim of a false or malicious review can you seek a legal remedy? So far the answer is no.

On the other hand the facts of the case as presented seem to favor the dentist. It will be interesting to see what happens however I am not optimistic.