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Can Lawyers (or Physicians) Stay in the Driver’s Seat?

The linked story below is from a legal journal. It addresses lawyers and the legal profession, however if you substitute health care for legal it still seems ominously valid.

If history is a guide, cheaper alternatives will evolve into higher-quality alternatives, at which point the law health care firms most invested in the status quo are likely to suffer greatly. While the significance of this disruption is often viewed in terms of how it will affect lawyers, physicians, in fact it should be assessed mainly from the perspective of consumers and society: does the quality of legal medical services rise or fall at any given price point?

via Can Lawyers Stay in the Driver’s Seat? by Daniel Currell, M. Todd Henderson :: SSRN.

This is called innovative disruption.

A car is not just a faster horse. Established industries and professionals tend to resist substantive change for many reasons. Sadly they often work on eking out small incremental improvements in the horse while the world is switching to cars.

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