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CareCredit Direct

CareCredirDirectCareCredit Direct is a web-based software that allows your patients or clients to: Learn about the CareCredit healthcare credit card. Calculate monthly payments based on promotions you accept. Apply for a CareCredit credit card and get an instant credit decision. Make same-day transactions of any size.¹ Select their promotion from options you accept and get clear and complete financing information.

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I love this. According to the web site  the new system is all-digital and completely self-guided experience allows patients or clients to apply directly for the CareCredit credit card on their own, while in your practice. They can learn about CareCredit, calculate estimated payments, apply and get an instant credit decision. And if approved, they can use their CareCredit credit card and transact immediately.

It also streamlines the CareCredit application process for your team or office, with no need to explain the details of financing or manage the application process, so you can focus on your priority‑providing care.

It simply does not matter how good you are clinically if your patients do not accept the best treatments because of financial issues. Offering quick and easy payment systems is not just good business it is also good dentistry as more people will get better treatment when it is affordable.

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