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CareCredit Toolkit

CareCreditnewI have been a huge fan of CareCredit for a long time. It is pretty simple, if you make it easier for people to afford quality care they will choose to have more quality care.

However just offering CareCredit isn’t enough; people have to know it is offered and apply to use the service. Care Credit makes this easy with an advertising tool kit. The kit includes digital tools that you can use with your practice website. These include:

  • Web banners and buttons
  • Patient videos
  • Facebook App
  • CareCredit logo
  • Payment calculator link
  • Custom application link

One of the most important functions of a dental practice website is to support existing patients. A website should not be just an advertisement to attract new patients. If it is, then a person has the need to visit the site exactly once in their lifetime. Make the site valuable for existing patents; give them a reason to return.

A great way to do this is by offering valuable services like the links to CareCredit including the application and payment calculator.

The more people use the site, that is the more web traffic it has, the higher it will rank with Google.

You can find the toolkit at  under Provider Resources > Provider Tools > Advertising Toolkit

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