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CDA Presents 2018: Emmott advances digital workflow discussion

From Dr. Bicuspid, a nice write up on my CDA presentation “Digital Workflow”

Four steps are involved when converting to a digital workflow, according to Dr. Emmott.”Many practices are interested in trying it but are very frightened about the process,” he said.

The four steps of going paperless start with paper and end up digital:

  1. A practice uses paper for its workflow.
  2. The next step is what Dr. Emmott calls the hybrid step. A practice has a computer in the office and uses it for some processes. The doctors may still be writing their notes on paper, which can be frustrating because finding information can be difficult, he noted.
  3. The third step is converting to paperless charts.
  4. The final step is using an entirely digital workflow.

The last step is where practices begin to do things differently and more effectively, Dr. Emmott said.

A key to digital workflow is the use of integrated online services. For example; online forms, online bill pay and digital reminders.

Source: CDA Presents 2018: Emmott advances digital workflow discussion