Close Your ” Performance Gap”  by Knowing Your Box Score

A Guest blog from Danny Bobrow. The opinions expressed are from Danny not Dr. Larry Emmott. However I believe it is valuable for dentists to get various takes on technology issues in order to make good technology choices.

Triple Your New Patient Flow Without Investing Another Dollar in Marketing

I recently I had the pleasure of hosting Chris Phelps, DMD on my PracticePerfection© online education series.  PracticePerfection© is committed to delivering skills and training from leading educators in the fields of medicine and dentistry. Particular emphasis is placed on the links between oral and overall health that are so vital to improving patient outcomes while increasing practice income.  Presenters are invited who can speak on one or more of the Three Cs of Oral Systemic Health, those being:  Clinical, Collaborative, and Communication products, protocols, and other resources.

Chris is an entrepreneurial dentist whose emphasis on marketing tracking technology was instrumental in catapulting him into the stratosphere of dental practice success.  Applying the Principles of Influence as taught by Robert CIaldini, PhD, the leading authority on the psychology of influence, Chris has helped hundreds of dentists ‘get to yes’ with their patients.

Chris is the only dental professional to be certified to coach on the Cialdini Method of Influence.

Combining these principles with his tracking technology,  Chris realized a tenfold increase in production when most dentists were struggling just to keep production level (the 2008-2010 Economic downturn).

This proven track record is what led me to invite him to speak to our Group, and why you will glad you tuned in as well.

It is also why we chose to incorporate  his technology into our own program as CallTrackDNA.

The Presentation begins by discovering the “…guerrillas keeping you from growing your practice” then progresses quickly to a sharing of the “…opportunities and challenges on the horizon,” including the increasing trend toward consolidation, and the impending polarization of the profession, as evidenced by the increasing interest of the private equity industry on the dental profession (one group with whom Chris met invested over $250 million on dental practice consolidation in 2015 alone).

Chris is indeed a forward thinker who uses his practice as an applied R&D facility. It occurs to me that, if more dental professionals realized that, in a real sense, their own practice is actually a focus group that pays them to learn about how to improve their marketing, it could represent a positive attitudinal shift toward the subject of marketing.

Chris’s goal for the Presentation is to:

  • Educate the private dental practice owner on how marketing really works (and doesn’t work)
  • Present challenges to attracting new patients…and
  • Deliver actionable solutions to these challenges

Enjoy the webcast!

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