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Code Maintenance Committee OKs teledentistry, A1c codes

From ADA News:

Teledentistry will for the first time be included in the ADA’s Code on Dental Procedures and Nomenclature (CDT Code).  The Code Maintenance Committee approved two codes relating to the process during its March 9 meeting at ADA Headquarters.

Source: Code Maintenance Committee OKs teledentistry, A1c codes

It’s a start.

The codes are very limited, for remote consultation either synchronous or asynchronous.

The big issue with teledentistry (and even more so telemedicine) is licensing. If a licensed and board certified radiologist in Arizona examines a CBCT taken on a patient in Michigan does the Arizona dentist reading the radiograph and doing the diagnosis need a MIchigan license?

What if the radiuologist is in Mumbai?

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