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Complete Patient Clinical Notes at Your Fingertips

Dentrix Tip:

Complete Patient Clinical Notes at Your FingertipsMany doctors and hygienists like to review their past clinical notes about a patient at the beginning of their appointment. That way they can see any notes they made about the patient’s health or treatment in the past.

Source: Dentrix Tip Tuesdays: Complete Patient Clinical Notes at Your Fingertips

A car is not merely a faster horse. Electronic charts are not merely faster paper charts.

Think about the differences in e-mail and paper mail. That is the power that e-records should provide. The ability to quickly search for information, connect to additional data (like a radiograph) cut and paste, store and transmit information quickly at almost no cost.

Too often dentists and dental team members get stuck in the old paper paradigm and all they want or expect is an e-chart that mimics paper. They will never get the real benefit of e-charts until they begin to think differently. That starts with understanding and using your software.

If you never change your chart view from the default you are not doing it right.

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