Management Security

Computer Use Policy

PPP (Professional Protector Plan) the dental liability insurance plan offers a sample computer use policy for their liability policy holders. You can see it here: Computer Use Policy

Here is a short sample:

Misuse of Clinic computers, networks, and Internet access may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.
Examples of Misuse
The following list contains examples of misuse. This list is not exhaustive.

• Logging onto computer by using someone else’s password.
• Revealing your password to others, or allowing use of your password by others, including other employees, family members, or other household members.
• Attempting to circumvent data protection, security restrictions, or usage/history logs.
• Engaging in private or personal business activities.
• Attempting to change computer date or time.
• Sending, receiving, or otherwise accessing personal email.
• Accessing social network sites.
• Participating in chat rooms, instant messaging, blogs, or forums for non-business use.
• Use of social media to post, discuss, or otherwise reveal any information related to patients in any manner.
• Making unauthorized copies of Clinic files or other Clinic data.

There is more including use of social media and expectations of privacy.

It is a sad fact the dentists need to consider having some sort of computer use policy in place. First it can help as an educational device. Staff members need to be aware that using the Internet and answering suspicious e-mails could put the practice in jeopardy. Second it is an indication to regulators that the office has made attempts to train the team. Training is a HIPAA requirement. Finally it protects the dentist from possible adverse employee actions in the case of termination for cause.