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Connected Inside Dental Technology

I was interviewed by Pam Johnson for the linked article in IDT Magazine. We discuss online lab communication and interoperability, or more accurately the absence of interoperability in dentistry.

In our personal and business lives, we have come to expect fast, reliable connectivity that seamlessly allows us to bank online; remotely control our smart homes or smart cars; buy anything from books to furniture to airline tickets; take accredited university courses remotely; hold virtual business meetings; socialize with friends; and even monitor our heart rate via a smart watch, regardless of location…

Unfortunately, the same open transfer of data that is experienced when a digital picture is taken and then shared via text, social media, or email does not yet exist in dentistry. “We still have barriers to that process,” says Emmott. “Proprietary software from various vendors won’t allow communicating with the software from other vendors. So unless the dentist and laboratory have compatible software programs, we can’t communicate on that seamless level.”

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