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Considerations On Cost Disease

From Slate Star Codex:

The cost of health care has about quintupled since 1970. It’s actually been rising since earlier than that, but I can’t find a good graph; it looks like it would have been about $1200 in today’s dollars in 1960, for an increase of about 800% in those fifty years.

Source: Considerations On Cost Disease | Slate Star Codex

A long article worth reading that examines increased costs in two major areas education and health care. The findings show that costs in these areas have far outpaced inflation or any other reasonable predictor of costs. He refers to it as “Cost Disease”. Although the author can not offer a good solution he clearly demonstrates a major problem.

I have contended for some time that the “health care crisis” is not a crisis in care but a crisis in affordability. The linked article clearly reinforces that contention. Technology may (in fact probably) will be the solution. We are already seeing better results with lower costs using technology. Expect entrenched interests who benefit from the current system to fight back.